by Brunettes

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Wrote most of this a year ago, finally got around to recording it.


released October 4, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Bisson at the Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury CT. Caleb Porter- drums, Wes Switzgable- Bass and Vocals, Sam Hess- Guitar. S/o to Colin Scott for creative input.



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Brunettes Connecticut

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Track Name: Failure
the tides of tomorrow will forget me
the night air wont call my name
the wind wont ask for me

I'll be alone
at sea alone

count the days
count the weeks
count the years
that it takes for me to face my fears

and I'm sorry if I can't see what's left in this for me
I can't see

everybody makes mistakes but I make more than most
I'm unable to hope
I'm unable to cope

this will never change:
I'll forever be a failure
Track Name: Top Gun From The Top
I'm so tired
why am I the one to blame
I'm stuck sitting on my hands
waiting for time to mend every wrong I've ever made

when the time comes
for me to face my faults
I'll try and sleep it off

when I finally realize I have nothing else to lose it'll be too late to change anything

I just can't shake it
I'm stuck in the past
nothing seems to last

I want to try harder
I want to get closer to feeling content but

I'm so tired of everything
Track Name: Scared Shrekless
I can't feel a thing
but these memories are haunting me
take your hands, rip out all I am

everyday feels the same
a numbness deep in my chest

out of touch with myself
digging myself deeper
Still stuck in my own hell

this rift of unforgiveness is tearing apart the person I used to be
and now you find yourself contradiction everything you love
you don't deserve to live and neither do I
Track Name: A Pointless Life
I still remember the skyline that night
the mountains gouged the clouds when you told me,
"none of this will matter in the end"
your words are always ringing in my head

so just forget everything

it doesn't matter in the end


I don't think I can take another day
living a pointless life, filled with the things I hate

twisting my arm in my own self arm
but so far I've been using all my strength just to try and move on

trapped under ice, I'm sure to drown
but if I freeze first please just let the current drag my body down
Track Name: Trying
take my nights
fill them up with your empty lies
take my hand
forget all of our goodbyes
take away everything I've ever said
everything we've ever done
makes me wish I was deaddd

I know it's best to leave it
but what if I can't forget
I'm lost in this never ending circle
filled with failure and regret

I'll just keep moving on and act like It's okay
I hate to be like this but I'll take this to the grave
Track Name: Everyone You Love Is Dying
the sun shines but today just doesn't feel right
the moon rises drowning me in it's light
the stars remind me of what I've lost
I'd do anything to turn back time

I don't feel your eyes on me like I did last year

I can't get used to living life this way
where everyday's a let down

and I can't believe the constant claim
that everything will be okay

*~everyday's just a let down~*